Project planning

Project Management with Time Location Diagram

TILOS is a time-location planning software for managing linear construction projects, basically infrastructure projects. It can be used in different construction industries, like Highway-, Railway-, Pipeline- and Tunnel construction, but also in Water Engineering or Transmission Line Building. TILOS was developed to improve visualisation of repetitive tasks when planning and managing major projects. The time-distance diagram supports all highway, rail, tunnel, pipeline and bridge projects.


The Linear Scheduling Method

The key benefit of TILOS is the flow of visual data in terms of time and place on one plan. CPM schedules and network diagrams are more analytical, but they fail to provide a visual connection between the project plan and the project itself.

Each country has different names for this specific planning technique:

  • Linear Scheduling Method (LSM)
  • Time Distance Diagram
  • Time Location Diagram
  • Time Chainage
  • French Diagram
  • March Chart

Due to the lack of decent software tools, many plans were drawn with software packages like CAD or Excel. The major flaw being that as soon as changes occurred, plans were constantly being amended as there was no easier way to process the data visually. TILOS combines both time and distance in one powerful project management tool:

  • Full CPM analysis. Display of critical path in Time-Distance diagram
  • Full support of sub-projects. Bridges, pump stations or other bar activities can be planned in a separate sub-project and their major activities or milestones can be linked to Time-Distance-Diagram.
  • Full control over Quantities, work rates, resources and costs connected to location information.
  • Perfect monitoring of progress along the production line.

Trial version

You want to try the functions of TILOS and check if it fits to your needs? We can provide a full featured Demo / Trial Version. This version comes along with a "Getting Started Tutorial" which helps you to learn the first steps. The Trial version is limited to save and print only ten tasks. Click here to request a trial version.


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